mobile marketingHere at Court Clerk, we want to share some remarkable statistics about mobile marketing that we’re pretty sure you aren’t aware of.  If you haven’t made the move to make your current website digitally responsive, here are some facts that will knock your socks off and convince you otherwise:

    • In the US alone there are over 270 million mobile subscriptions, with 83% of adults owning a cell phone.
    • Over 95% of adults have their smartphone within arm’s reach all the time.
    • Over a third of all Americans only use a mobile device to access the internet.
    • As of a couple years ago, wireless subscriptions in the US outnumbered the actual entire population of America since people have multiple devices between tablets, phones, and desktops.
    • Of the entire world population (which is a little under 6.9 billion people), over 5 billion have some kind of mobile device.
    • Almost 75% of people use their phones to shop with, resulting in 80% of related searches resulting in a sale.
    • 94% of smartphone owners have looked up local information using their phones with about 60% visiting a listed site and 62% calling after reviewing the site.
    • Over 80% of smartphone owners do product research on their phones with half making a direct purchase.
    • A professional, digital presence is a must because 57% of consumers say they are more likely and willing to buy from an informative and well designed site.
    • 70% of all mobile searches lead to action within an hour.
    • 9 out of 10 searches lead to action with over half leading to sales.
    • Mobile searches perform 4 to 5 times better than online ads.
    • Tablet and smartphone users spend an average 94 minutes online using their mobile devices and only 72 minutes online through other means.
    • A survey done in May of 2013 reported that 75% of responding marketers use mobile technology.
    • The average adult spends 11% of their media time on a mobile device but less than 1% of purchased ads are mobile responsive.

In today’s world of advanced mobile technology, you need to be online and make sure your website is mobile responsive.  Not only will it help your business grow organically, but without it you’re losing out on hundreds of potential customers and clients.  Court Clerk is the one stop shop you need for all your digital marketing needs: from the creation of a new mobile responsive website, to social media maintenance and blogging, we have over 10 years experience to get you on the right track and in the game.  Give us a call today at 609-254-3750 to avoid missing out on potential customers.