4 Tips for Writing Readable ContentWith an estimated 3 million blogs being posted each day, there is an endless amount of content to read but only a few ways to make your work stand out. A majority of writers don’t have an issue with providing insight—however, having your blog stand out means that it must also be readable. In order to achieve this, you must take into consideration a reader’s time. Someone who chooses to read your copy wants to view something intelligent and interesting but does not want to spend the entire day on it. To entice readers to choose your blog over the other 3 million that are out there, consider these four tips:

  1. Grab their attention.

A strong headline that gets a reader’s attention is the start to a readable piece of copy. Consider your headline to be like a personal first impression. People judge what’s on the inside by this initial glance, and that is what a headline does for the rest of your work. Headlines should be descriptive, unique, urgent, and make the reader curious enough to read the rest of your article.

  1. Alter the tone of your work to fit the subject.

Depending on the subject, determine what tone may or may not be appropriate. If you’re writing about entertaining content, it is acceptable to be more creative and put yourself out there. If you’re writing about a professional topic, sticking with a neutral, informative tone may be more relevant.

  1. Find a balance for the length of your writing.

There are two types of people: those who enjoy reading long copy and those who enjoy smaller amounts of information. It’s important to establish a mix within your content of both short, captivating entries and longer, more thought-out detailed explanations.

  1. Include visuals.

Adding pictures and videos to your content will make it more noticeable. Content with visuals is shared twice as much as copy without. Breaking up the text with pictures can help your readers better understand the writing.

Creating a readable blog or article can be done best by thinking in terms of the person who is reading it. Creating captivating headlines, finding your tone, and creating a balance in your writing take time but will eventually form your copy into readable content that people will gravitate towards.

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