Although you might think it’s a little early to consider your marketing strategies for 2015, if you want to have a big year, it’s time to make some moves now.  To help you get started, here are five market trends that will give you a head start on your big projects for the remainder of this year and next.

    1. It’s Time to Get Personal: Micro-targeting:  Gone is the usefulness of the one-to-many marketing strategies.  You need to personalize your approach to discover niches and subsets of your market.  This requires more data to have those one-on-one conversations, but it will allow you to diver much deeper into the motivations, needs, and lifestyles of your consumers.  By doing so, you will gain insight on how to create more pertinent content strategies.
    2. Be a Savvy Advertiser, Know When and Where:  Social media is moving from free ads to paid media.  B2B marketing strategies will now need to invest in sponsored or paid placements to connect with those difficult to reach clients.  You need to know which social media sites are working best for you: cultivate relationships and budgets around content-recommendation platforms, sponsorship opportunities, syndication services, and content placement.  Optimize your published content to ensure that it gets out to your intended audience.
    3. Be Mobile:  Consumers are very much plugged in 24/7.  Since your clients work outside of the office, you need to as well.  Let us explain: your website needs to include mobile-optimized elements so that people can find you on their digital devices while on the go.  This is a huge market that you are missing out on if you have not considered it.  In fact, Forrester predicts by 2020 that 1 in 5 sales will have come from mobile devices.  Your content needs to be adjustable to fit smaller screens.
    4. Marketing Automation Tools:  Unlike previous marketing strategies that were build on historical data, marketing automation programs change that by providing real-time marketing figures.  Research shows that those using such suites have the ability to increase their conversion rates by 50 percent or more.  The main key here is to have a marketing technologist who has thorough knowledge of the available technology out there and who knows how to work them to drive results.
    5. Quality Content:  You have to think beyond just grammatical correctness to delve into the more advanced world of writing copy that is compelling and is pliable across platforms and speaks to a very specifically targeted group.  If you can, implement an editorial team—and if that is not an option in-house, reach out to firms and freelancers to write for you.

So in a nutshell, these are five marketing strategies that will help your business succeed in 2015 and if you’re not doing these things now, you should be.  Feeling a bit overwhelmed at this prospect?  Don’t worry; it just so happens that this is our wheelhouse.