Marketing Advantage

As an attorney who recognizes the value direct mail marketing creates for your law firm, it is critical to ensure your marketing dollars are spent wisely. Court Clerk not only delivers you the names of individuals who can use your legal services, but we provide additional value added services to that provide you with complete piece of mind.

We Are Entrepreneurs

We are entrepreneurs and we know that we will only succeed if you succeed. We are not attorneys looking to underwrite the cost of our own direct mail marketing campaign. We are genuinely interested in your success. We are always looking at innovative programs to save you time and increase your profits.

Over and above Record Keeping

Most Rules of Professional Conduct require attorneys to keep a record of any communication sent to a prospective client as well as the name and address where the communication was sent. This can be burdensome to maintain, and quite frankly your time is better spent helping those individuals who have ask you to represent them. Court Clerk will maintain a list of all individuals to whom you have sent communications. This list is available to you within 24 hours of your request. We maintain these records for you for 5 years.

Do Not Send List

Most Rules of Professional Conduct require you to NOT contact an individual again if they have asked you to cease further communications. This can be cumbersome if you try to keep track of these individuals manually. Court Clerk provides every client with a personalized DO NOT SEND list. Any address listed on your personalized list will not receive any letters from you.

Court Clerk will provide marketing for law firms and attorneys interested in direct mail, responsive website design and search engine optimization.

Get in touch with us today and we will help you to increase both your client base and your annual revenue.