Winning Strategies

You may have heard about the success other attorneys are achieving using direct mail marketing as an effective means to gain new clients. Or perhaps you saw an article in a law journal about lawyers using direct mail marketing.

We generate leads you close the deal. While it seems obvious, it is important to know that despite the excitement and success stories about direct mail marketing, it does require work. Your phone will start ringing, but after that the ball is in your court.

Here are 8 suggestions to help you increases your success rate once you answer the phone:

  • Answer the Phone. Your prospect has many options to help them solve their problem. Your letter is one of many options. Don’t let your calls go through to voice mail because chances are your prospect will not leave a message. Answer the phone and get clients!
  • Use Your Cell Phone. If you’re not in the office, have your calls forwarded to your cell phone, or even put your cell phone number in your solicitation letter. Does this sound like a lot of work? I bet a lot of other attorneys think so too and won’t do it. Be prepared to work and get clients!
  • Accept Credit Cards. If you don’t accept credit cards – start! Increasingly consumers are using credit cards to paying for everything from groceries to insurance premiums. Legal services should be no different. Present innovative payment arrangements and get clients!
  • Don’t Compete on Price. No matter what your fees are don’t fall into the trap of trying to compete with other attorneys on price. No matter how low your fee is there will always be someone willing to charge less. Instead, develop a unique selling point, and champion that point to all prospects you speak to. If your point is compelling and unique your competition won’t be able to match you for any price. Be different and get clients!
  • Know How To Quote. Your prospects will press you for a price for their issue. Decide upfront if you will quote them over the telephone or bring them into your office to quote a price. Be firm in your decision and get clients!
  • Close the Deal. Don’t let the prospect off the phone with ambiguous follow up. Either get the prospect to commit today, or provide detailed instructions for the prospect on what is required to retain your services. Always make sure the prospect knows what’s required to retain you and get clients!
  • Ask About the Competition. You don’t have competition? Ask your prospects what other letters they have received and what other avenues for legal advice they are considering. You may be surprised what you hear. Learn about your competition and get clients!
  • Expired Forwarding Address. The post office will return a percentage of your letters as undeliverable. This is because the individuals receiving the ticket or complaint have failed to keep their address current. A smaller percentage of those returned will be because the forwarding address has expired. However, you are still able to call the post office and request the address yourself. Once you have the new address you can resend the letter. Again this is work, but I bet your competition won’t do this. Call the post office and get clients!
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