Your website is there to help drive your business.  A great design will bring clients to you whereas a poorly designed site will frustrate users and leave them potentially looking elsewhere.

Here are some things to keep in mind considering the design of your website:

    • Usability:  A potential client to your site will have formed an opinion about its navigational ease within seconds of first visiting the page.  As with everything else, first impressions matter.  Making your website as user friendly as possible will make a visitor more likely to stay on your page.
    • Design:  This is a key factor on conversion rates.  You don’t want your page too cluttered or too slow to load—both a large turn-offs.  You want to make sure that the elements that are most important are presented with large headings.  Font is also an important factor.
    • Aesthetics:  Images and other visuals as well as color have proven affect on people’s emotions and help to enhance product recognition.  All this should direct a client’s attention to the call to action.
    • Understand Your Client Base:  When a client is unhappy and complains, word gets around quickly.  Know what they are coming to your page for and make it easy for them to complete their task.  If things are not easily located due to poor design choices, your website is not financially rewarding you to its fullest potential.  And keep in mind that it will always cost more to fix these problems later down the road than if it was done right the first time around.

But lucky for you, we are here!  With a decade’s worth of experience in creating attorney websites, you couldn’t be in better hands.