Here at Court Clerk, we know that there are always a challenge when it comes to marketing, but it ultimately comes down to two essential problems:

    • How do you get existing customers to come back and reuse your services?
    • How do you gain new clients or customers?

One way that can address both of these questions is through direct mail marketing.  While there are plenty of other options out there, this method is proven and will always work.  Court Clerk is the leader in attorney direct mail marketing for the last 10 years.

We acquire all criminal, traffic and DUI arrests on a daily and weekly basis for the purpose of sending your letter offering your services.  By hitting a defendant with your letter at the time they need assistance it drives them to calling your firm for a consultation and subsequent client retention.  The return on investment is generally 3-5 times-so for every dollar spent you should expect to earn $3-$5+ or more.

Direct mail marketing is a great opportunity and we have had a lot of success in helping attorneys like you increase their client base.  Our goal is to help make your business as efficient and profitable as possible. We will work with you to help solve your problems while understanding that you may have limited resources and budget.  We offer a wide arrange of options in our full service lettershop where we can do the mailings for you or you can do them yourself—we would be happy to provide you with the electronic mailing list if that is the route you would prefer.

How It Works:  The Four Simple Steps of Direct Mail Marketing Strategies

    1. Obtain potential client identities (mailing lists accomplish this)
    2. Reach out to them (direct mail does this)
    3. Grab their attention to get your message across (color, font, and custom envelopes are a great way to do this)
    4. Get them to contact you (your mailing piece will drive business to you if it is well written and well designed)

There is an option for every budget, so don’t worry.  We would love to speak with you to discuss how Court Clerk can help increase your clientele. Please give us a call at 609-254-3750 to learn more about how direct mail marketing can work for you or to get a quote.