The audiences law firms are trying to reach with marketing are changing dramatically. They digest information in far more interactive ways. To keep up with this shift in 2014, attorneys and law firms must not just deliver copy; instead, they must share content with clients and establish an engaging conversation with clients and prospects.

Julian Penna , VP of Integrated Solutions for Court Clerk describes why content will be increasingly vital, as well as getting that content out  through social media and how to engage clients in dialogue. Below are some keys to successful direct mail marketing, website and social media campaigns:

1) Create a beautiful and responsive website that prospects can navigate easily. Starting in the very near future, if your website is not responsive to all devices, your law firm will NOT be found by all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.
“First impressions matter. Court Clerk’s Responsive Website designs create a professional and sophisticated virtual home for your firm with stylish graphics, easy navigation, and a well-integrated layout.”

2) Use social media and blogs; Through Court Clerk’s services, we will set up your LinkedIn , Facebook and Twitter accounts.
“US Internet users spend 3X more time on blogs and social networks than on email. Make it easy for people to follow you however they want by letting them know where you can be found right up front.”

3) Direct Mail Marketing Synergy: At Court Clerk we create our Direct Mail Marketing campaigns to have a close correlation to all our law firm marketing services.
“Your competitors covet your clients. It is well worth your time  to stay close to both current and past accounts, particularly since they are your best source for new business.”

Call us today to set up a free consultation for all your law firm marketing needs. If you have a website, we will grade your site for free and give you our expert advise as to how you can start receiving submissions through your website. Submissions lead to potential clients for your law firm.

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