Law Firm BlogsIn order to attract traffic to your law firm’s website and garner the attention of Google’s search rankings, you need a constant stream of fresh content. The easiest way to add fresh content is through implementing a regular blog. These news-type articles are a great way for you to tell Google and the other search engines that you are actively seeking their acknowledgement as an industry expert and to give your website visitors free information…and let’s face it people love to get things for free.

A recent article published by Hubspot detailed a study that shows that for every 16+ blogs that are published per month, there is the potential for three and a half times more traffic to your site than those company’s posting less frequently. They went beyond just looking at the increase in new site traffic but also found a correlation to blog post frequency and lead generation. In theory, the blog gets the traffic to your website and the content of that article compels the new visitor to engage with you. This engagement could be a comment on your blog, sharing the article via social media or submitting a direct question to your firm about your services through your contact form.

As part of our social media management plan, Court Clerk provides 4 blogs per month to get you started. 4 blogs per month translates to 48 blogs per year, now if you were to publish 8, 10, or even 16 blogs a month imagine the arsenal of content available to new visitors. People who surf the web and who bring traffic to your site look at new posts as well as the old ones, staying on your site longer-the longer a visitor is on your site the better the chance they will engage your services. Businesses that have more than 401 blogs posted get more traffic and leads to their sites than companies who do not generate as many blogs.

We recognize the commitment it takes to maintain a blog and you should know that results won’t happen overnight, but the more blogs, the better off your firm’s site will be. If you find that you’re in need of help in this area, Court Clerk can provide you with blog content that will ultimately lead you to more prospects, more customers, and an overall increase in revenue. Call us at today at 609-254-3750 for a free consultation of your marketing needs.