One of the main reasons direct marketing has become such an accepted form of advertising is because of its inherent ability to measure results. Well designed marketing campaigns have a built-in automatic tracking system to measure its effectiveness and track its profitability.

Unfortunately, the truth is, most advertisers don’t want you to know how effective your campaign is going. We work with you to make sure your marketing efforts are working for your firm and make adjustments where we see fit.

“I know half my advertising budget was wasted. The trouble was I didn’t know which half. Court Clerk let’s me know where I should put my marketing dollars each month.” -Managing Partner, FL Law Firm

Court Clerk is different. We have built our business on the understanding that we can only be successful if our customers are successful. Since we pioneered the industry of direct marketing for attorneys over 12 years ago, we have monitored progress, studied various tactics, and strengthened our service offering. After years of research and planning, Court Clerk is proud to announce a breakthrough in Direct Marketing services exclusively for our valued clients.