…or Be Forgotten.

Mobile Friendly WebsiteWith a world full of people who are glued to their smartphones, websites are practically forced to be more mobile-friendly. Not only do people avoid websites that are not easily accessible through mobile technology, but Google has recently decided to rank a website lower if it is not mobile-friendly. Beginning April 21, the search engine giant will take mobile accessibility into consideration. If the site is found lacking in that department, it will be ranked lower through Google’s ranking process.

The company has made it clear that changing how they rank web pages will have a substantial impact to search results. Since Google has great control over how frequently a website is searched, site owners need to keep up with the technological advancements to ensure their sites are mobile-friendly to avoid falling behind. Google’s reason behind making this change is to benefit the users by giving them high quality search results.

To put it simply, smartphones are known for their speed and efficiency. No one wants to wait while to be directed to web pages that takes time to load only to find tiny text and blurry pictures. Smartphone users want to be able to access the site they need directly and the only way to make this happen is to offer a mobile-friendly version. If you are looking to take your site mobile, now is the time to make the step. Not only will you please your consumers by making access to your site a simple task, but you will maintain sales by remaining higher in rank through Google’s vastly used search database.

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