Microsites for Attorney’s

An effective and popular way of presenting content to potential clients is through a microsite for your law firm. Microsites are another way of showing independent links and addresses that can be accessed usually through a larger website. Since the numerous options of an entire website are unavailable from a microsite, it allows more room for in-depth information, while focusing on one particular topic or product. By staying focused on one or two topics, it helps to make an effective message and avoid any confusion.

What is a microsite?

You may be asking, “what exactly is a microsite and why do I need one for my law firm?”. One of the most commonly tossed-around terms in the content marketing industry is “microsite”. You may think it’s similar to independent campaigns or branded blogs and they are basically the same thing because it is a “mini” website that publishes specific content. What is the difference between a microsite from a company blog or any other independent URL? If you have to register an entire new domain name, you got yourself a microsite. Although microsites can exist within a brand’s own website, when a microsite lives on a company’s URL, it’s considered a “branded vertical”.  At Court Clerk, we will create a mobile responsive microsite that is best suited for folks surfing on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

What is the purpose of a microsite?

A campaign-based microsite is an independent site, meaning it has its own URL to support a branded campaign. They are often launched, full of content, videos, graphics and relevant links. One of the greatest advantages of a microsite is quite clear: you can build it, amplify it and add to it. In most scenarios, microsites act like media sites because they publish original content. Even if you got your microsite right, you may have to go bigger and bigger to keep the same audience members, and to stay ahead of the competition. There’s also the basic truth that creating new and relevant content takes a level of work and strong commitment that would make most people run for the hills! At Court Clerk, we do all of this for you.

The Internet is a beast that must be fed consistently, and maintaining it takes budget, resources and a lot of time. Are microsites worth my budget, resources and time? It really all depends on the details of your situation. If you can successfully pull off a microsite, there’s a big upside: you will have an easy yet powerful way of communicating directly with an audience, while building relationships over time. Without question, before you commit to a microsite, consider laying out a careful and thorough plan to find out which service areas you want to expand on. Whether your microsite becomes a huge success depends on content, images and overall brand messaging.

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