Conversion Optimization

  • Increase the percentage of your website visitors who turn into leads and clients.
  • Make your web pages more relevant to visitors.
  • Increase customer trust by using on-page elements.
  • Improve calls-to-action to incite the user to become your next customer.

Conversion Optimization Experts

Your website is probably getting new visitors as you read this. How many of them are turning into leads? Conversion optimization is the process by which we can help you increase the percentage of visitors who become your next customers. We can help you increase visitors to your website.

  • We begin the process by taking a look at what type of website traffic is going to which pages. It is important to ensure that each page is receiving traffic from the right sources. For example your home page should not be getting traffic from searches for all of your services. Instead, each type of service should have its own landing page. That way, your users will immediately find what they are looking for and are more likely to take an action such request your services.
  • On each landing page, we take a look to ensure that the messaging on the page is clear and matches the types of searches that would lead users to find the page in the first place. We rigorously test and refine these pages based on results, not just gut instincts. Part of optimizing your landing pages to the fullest requires clear, well written copy which our team of copywriters adds to your landing pages to supplement any assertions that might be made.
  • We reduce the number of calls-to-action to a minimum and make sure that the ones that remain on the page are in sync with the intent of users that navigate their way to the landing page.
  • Streamline your conversion funnel. Eliminating any unnecessary requests for information from the user will decrease the number of roadblocks to a conversion. It is important to include only the most necessary content on your page that your user needs to yield a conversion. Court Clerk can evaluate what your users’ primary concerns are with the help of web analytics. By integrating web analytics, we can better understand user behavior and track the results your landing pages are generating for your business.
  • Take the steps to make sure that your call-to-action button stands out to users and is the first thing their eyes see. By using tactics like contrasting color for calls-to-action and making sure that other images on the page are relevant to your product or goal, we optimize your landing pages so that users perform the conversions you want them to.
  • Our team also adds elements to your landing pages to instill the users’ trust with your brand. This can include a professionally designed logo, certifications, awards, and logos of publications that you or your firm has been featured in. Include content that is compelling and targets your ideal audience. However, be sure not to overlook business goals like capturing leads and generating more clients. We optimize your website’s landing pages to make sure that your content is substantive, relates to the user, and is optimized to generate conversions and revenue for your law firm.

Conversion optimization experts. Court Clerk can help you increase visitors to your website. Call us today.

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