Direct Mail Marketing

Court Clerk is dedicated to helping solo and small firm practitioners increase their client base through innovative direct mail campaigns.

Law Firm Direct Mail Marketing Gets Results

Court Clerk obtains the names and addresses of individuals who are known to need legal assistance. Since, these individuals are known to need legal assistance the return on marketing investment is much higher than traditional forms of advertising.

Your Letter – Your Calls – Our Service

Our service combines a letter printed on your office’s letterhead with our lists of individuals needing legal assistance. The result is qualified leads picking up the phone and calling your office for legal assistance.

Attorneys Benefit From Our Service Advantage

At Court Clerk helping attorneys increase their client base is all that we do! Through our many years of experience we know what works and can share our experience with you.

Getting Started

Getting started with attorney direct mail marketing is easy. We will carefully guide you through selecting your target market and creating your solicitation letter.


Your office already has plenty of work. Why add another item to your “to do” list? Our Full Production Mailing Services frees your staff to do what they do best – assist you. We can take your prospecting letter or work with you to create a customized direct marketing message. From there, we will:

  • Print your marketing piece
  • Fold your marketing piece
  • Insert and seal your marketing piece
  • Apply postage for your marketing piece
  • Deliver your marketing piece to the post office

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