Mid-Size Firm

A mid-sized law firm is defined as one with 25 to 250 attorneys. On average, most law firms do not create an in-house marketing department until they reach a critical mass of 25-30 attorneys. During this transition period, many firms rely on the already busy office manager to fulfill strategic marketing functions.

Lack of a well-defined marketing program can leave a mid-sized law firm in an uncompetitive position. Some firms do not have the ability to market their firm with direct mail marketing, social media marketing or website development marketing. Let Court Clerk help your firm do all these things and more. Other mid-sized firms either fail to position themselves in their market properly or spend limited marketing dollars inappropriately.

Now mid-size firms can turn to Court Clerk as an outsourced marketing solution, available to supplement internal resources. Our law firm marketing services for mid-sized firms include:

  • Law firm direct mail marketing
  • Law firm website marketing
  • Client e-mail marketing campaigns
  • Social Media marketing
  • Law firm websites
Get in touch with us today and we will help you to increase both your client base and your annual revenue.