Social Media MattersIt’s easy to get swept up in the fast paced digital world, even more so when it comes to marketing on social media sites.  One thing to be clear on is that social media is not a trend or a fad, but a permanent fixture of online reality and it can be essential for your marketing campaign.  The key to sorting through this quagmire of post, pins, and tweets is to find out where your targeted audience is spending their time.

An important step in social media marketing is knowing when and where your potential clients are.  For example, Google+ has over 1 billion users, but only 35% of them are actually active.  Despite that, you need to keep in mind that when people are on social media, they are not only socializing but searching for products and services as well.  Millions of searches are performed on Facebook, Twitter, and Google by the minute and what that ultimately means for you is a chance to be seen—if you are active on those sites.

Here’s a good framework for deciding on your social media strategy—don’t just join randomly, make sure you do so with intent.

    • Where is my audience?
    • Where are they searching?
    • Where are they the most active?
    • Which social media niche is right for me?

That said there are four major sites that you should be on regardless: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.  Facebook is the largest of all the social media sites and has become a commonplace fixture in everyday life over its ten year history with half of its user’s active every day.  Those users are connected to at least an average of 80 groups, events, or pages—that means having a presence on Facebook matters when it comes to your marketing campaign.

LinkedIn has over 270 million uses with an average of 120 new people signing up every minute.  Many marketers forget LinkedIn because it is more of a platform for B2B instead of B2C.  Despite this, or because of it, don’t forget that other businesses and companies might need a little marketing attention too.

Twitter is more about brand loyalty than lead generating.  Over three quarters of Twitter uses reported “feeling more connected” to a business by following them on this site.  And those users?  Half the site’s population is on daily and they each have an average of 210 followers with 300 Tweets on average.  About 30% of Twitter users are active on numerous occasions throughout the day.

With the force of the world’s foremost search engine behind this social media platform, Google+ should not be overlooked.  Though Google’s algorithms change frequently, SEO for Google actually takes into account whether or not you have a page on their social media site in addition if you are active or not.  And ultimately that is the main point with these big four—remaining active through posts and blogs is what is going to get you noticed in the long run.

Besides the big ones, there are a few more that you should give some consideration to.  Of any other social media site, Pinterest has the highest revenue per click and in this past year, as a platform it became more popular for sharing than email.  Without even trying, YouTube has become the second largest search engine worldwide. So if you are thinking about creating a video for your business or you already have, it needs to be on YouTube.  Instagram is a great tool for promoting your business as well.  Commenting and liking other photos gives you a huge boost in gaining an immense following.  Though it’s a visual platform, pictures get much more engagement than any other post—and this true for both Facebook and Twitter as well.

So in conclusion, social media is a powerful marketing tool that you need to utilize and grow your business.  It’s here to stay and if you want to get your name out there, you need to be on them and be active.  Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the prospect?  Give us a call at Court Clerk, phone 609-254-3750 to help you with your social media marketing needs.