Social Media Marketing Trends for 2015We’ve narrowed down the top trends so far for 2015 that you will want to watch for over the next few months. Recent studies conducted at Duke University reported that most business marketing budgets allocate about 10% of their funds to social media spending—that number is estimated to rise to 25% over the next 5 years.  Tracking the impact of social media marketing will be made easier with new tools; and you have the major networking sites on your side all trying to make it easier for you to engage with the customer.  That means you will be able to measure your return on investment for specific posts, Tweets and infographics.

At Court Clerk we’ve got our eyes on the following for 2015:

  1. Phones and social media working together. Lots of companies have reported several benefits to handling customer service through social media outlets.  Not only does it allow them to offer more 1-on-1 service, faster responses are more possible than through email or an 800 number.  What does that mean for your business?  Increased customer satisfaction!  When social media is used in conjunction with traditional phone service to resolve issues, the process of handling problems becomes streamlined.
  2. Ecommerce and social networks. Facebook and Snapchat already have backend programming that will allow their members to transfer electronic funds to one another through their respective messaging features.  It’s really only a small leap from there before they allow merchants and businesses to offer payment options through their sites as well.  This could potentially let companies bypass the charge posed by traditional credit card transaction fee, leaving more money in your pocket.
  3. Tracking Tools. New software applications will make it possible to identify which social networking site the most traffic and clicks are coming from. Very soon you will be able to see which specific posts or Tweets have converted.
  4. Paid Ads on Facebook. Everyday your potential clients have their newsfeeds flooded with tons of new content. The social media mogul is encouraging businesses to use “paid social ads”, which show up as posts instead of side ads.


If you can’t seem to get a handle on the social networks or simply don’t have the time to devote to it, we’re here to help!  We offer comprehensive social media maintenance packages that give you all the benefits of posting, blogging, and Tweeting with minimal effort on your part.  Give us a call at Court Clerk today at 609-254-3750 to kick your 2015 marketing plan into high-gear!