New Jersey Direct Mail Marketing Services

New Jersey Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail MarketingCourt Clerk is the leading provider of criminal, traffic and DUI leads for attorney direct mail marketing.  The synergy between sending a letter to a defendant at the time a defendant is looking for assistance is extremely high. Inbound calls are generated from the letters and clients are retained as a result.  Court Clerk acquires criminal and traffic complaints on a daily basis.  Our in house mail service can do all the mailings on your behalf so you can just answer the phone.  We enable law firms to dramatically increase both their client base and annual revenues.  As an attorney, you’ve worked long and hard to build your practice. So why squander your firm’s valuable resources trying to reach people who don’t need your help? Court Clerk can help you grow your law firm’s client base through a targeted direct mail marketing campaign.

Municipal Court Case List-Every week in New Jersey thousands of summonses are issued to motorists for violating New Jersey’s traffic laws. Every day Court Clerk obtains the names and addresses of individuals who have received these summonses.

Lis Pendens Filings– This information is provided weekly by court. Are you a real estate attorney? Or an attorney specializing in bankruptcy? Foreclosures in New Jersey are at a record high and individuals in foreclosure are looking for innovate solutions to their problems. Can you help them? We can generate the leads for you. We will provide you with a weekly list of new Lis Pendens filings. These are lawsuits that have been filed the previous week. Using this list you can contact the homeowner and offer a unique solution to their problem.

Landlord Tenant Case List This information is provided weekly by county. Court Clerk obtains the names and addresses of defendants in landlord / tenant suits filed weekly.

DMV Judgments-There are currently 700,000 drivers in New Jersey with suspended driver’s licenses. When these individuals fail to pay the fines owed, the state can issue a judgment against these individuals. Court Clerk provides the names and addresses of newly filed DMV judgments.

Special Civil Filings– Obtain the names and address of individuals who have had suits filed against them in special civil court.

Superior Court Indictable List – Court Clerk provides information on the names, addresses, and offenses of individuals facing indictment in Superior Court. This information is provided weekly by county.

New Jersey Website Design

One of the greatest benefits of the internet for lawyers is its power to reach thousands of potential clients. While many law firms have websites, simply putting a website up does not automatically mean potential clients will find it. To be an effective marketing tool, your website needs to be visible to potential clients, contain quality information, and encourage potential clients to contact you.

Our law firm websites are designed for full visibility. Court Clerk follows an integrated approach that combines efficient responsive website design and back-end architecture with precision keyword targeting to attract clients in the practice areas and locations most important to your firm. We keep abreast of best practices in online marketing and changes in search engine algorithms so that you don’t have to.

New Jersey  Website Optimization

The Court Clerk team members are experts in optimizing websites and we will optimize yours!

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an online marketing strategy that increases your website’s visibility to the millions of people who find information and services on the Internet. SEO can position your firm among the top organic search results of a given query, which can dramatically increase traffic to your website, and establish a web presence for your practice.

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