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Posting New Content: Web pages do not exist as entities in themselves. Search engines also rank content by the strength of the website as a whole. But search engines also give preference to sites that are continually publishing new content. Let Court Clerk create and publish new content through our social media, blog and newsletter services. Become a credible expert in your practice areas. Become the loudest voice in your community.

SEO Networking: It’s virtually impossible to overestimate the importance of external sources and websites linking to the content on your site. Search engine algorithms rely heavily on the judgment of reader endorsements, measured by links created by established online authorities. In this way, lawyers should follow common networking strategies. Court Clerk will help you through this process. Networking with attorney’s that are in different practice areas is just one way to accomplish this. Creative blog content has become increasingly more important than ever in the law industry. Our blog service makes it easy for you to write an effective and powerful blog that represents the state of your law firm and the law industry.

Direct Mail Marketing: Law Firm Direct Mail Marketing Gets Results. Court Clerk obtains the names and addresses of individuals who are known to need legal assistance. Since these individuals are known to need legal assistance the return on marketing investment is much higher than traditional forms of advertising.

Your Letter – Your Calls – Our Service
Our service combines a letter printed on your office’s letterhead with our lists of individuals needing legal assistance. The result is qualified leads picking up the phone and calling your office for legal assistance. Attorneys benefit from our service advantage. At Court Clerk helping attorneys increase their client base is all that we do! Through our many years of experience we know what works and can share our experience with you.

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